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Two enraged giants rose from the depth of the sea and are up to destroy the entire world while fighting each other.

A young mage sets out on a suicidal mission to get control over the giants using some arcane techniques.

Resist the power of the sea and stay on your raft at all cost. After some charging time you have the possibility to choose one out of three spells on the monsters (curse, sing or inferno) which will calm them down or enrage them further.
Your goal is to either calm the monsters or make them outrage entirely (the rage of each of them is displayed in the lower corners).

To start the game push either A or L.

A/L: walk left/right, mark spell
After the time for choosing is up, the marked spell will be used automatically.

This game was made for Mini Jam 34 with the theme "Balance" and the limitation "two button controls".
Game created by Ugghmaster (graphics and coding) and germanjazzguy aka Minor Seven (audio and coding).
Headphones are heavily recommended.
The splash sound is made based on http://soundbible.com/2100-Splash-Rock-In-Lake.html

We hope you enjoy the game!

Install instructions

Just extract the folder to the location of your personal preference and hit that .exe


Leviathan1.0.3.zip 19 MB
leviathan1.0.3linux.zip 49 MB
Leviathan1.1win.zip 23 MB

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