A downloadable game for Windows

"You have been caught. 

Some weird dude is standing in front of you.

Will talking to him get you out of here?

... looks like you got no choice!"

Talk to five strangers and choose your answers wisely as they might have more impact than you think. Then kill a monster to be free again.

... you think this sounds too easy?


A/D: walk

W: jump

Mouse Left: Shoot

J/K/L: answer when in dialogue

R: restart (can always be done)

Remark: Remember that sometimes one shouldn't act.

Install instructions

Download the .zip to the path of your personal preference, extract it and hit that .exe.


5StepsToHell 1.1.zip 21 MB
5StepsToHell2.0a.zip 23 MB
5StepsToHell2.0.zip 24 MB

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